To Everyone who was part of Kentucky Derby Day, my most profound and heartfelt thank you!!  To Franklin Post and Auxiliary, thank you so much for allowing us to use the hall.  It was perfect.  Whether you worked, cooked, played the games, brought a hat, ate the food or participated in any way, you are wonderful.  Thank you so much for your support.  Kentucky Derby Day was a Super Success – the Ways & Means Fundraiser netted over $900.  It was incredible and we had so much fun. 

To Dana Hussey, Donna Knapper and Dottie Annis thank you so very much for the huge help on organization and follow through for Kentucky Derby day.  You don’t know how much help you were.  I can’t thank you all enough.   

Again, thanks so much to all.


Linda K. Meader, PNP

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