VFW Legislative Alert – Defense Budget Harms Military

    VFW Legislative Alert – Defense Budget Harms Military

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All military retirees and active duty service members will see
increases in their health care costs under the proposed Department of
Defense (DOD) FY 2013 budget.

All existing fees and copays will drastically increase over the next
five years.  Fees and copays will nearly double for lower retirement
pay earners; however, because the budget proposals include tiers which
tie future increases based on retired pay, many will pay more than four
times the current amount within five years.  In addition to increasing
existing fees and copays (starting Oct 1, 2012), the budget proposal
would also institute entirely new and costly enrollment fees for
TRICARE Standard and TRICARE for Life (TFL).

For example, a TFL beneficiary making less than $22,589 would pay
$150 per individual by FY 2016, and the fee would be indexed to
civilian medical inflation thereafter.

Active-duty service members and their families would also feel the
pinch as copays for brand name drugs would double in 2013 for all
pharmacy beneficiaries and would continue to rise each year.

We cannot stand by and allow the Defense budget to harm the military
and its personnel. VFW opposes any increases in healthcare costs for
all military retirees and our service members.

Congress must support a budget that does not include fee increases
which passes budget savings on to our service members and retirees.

  Action Needed:

Contact your Legislators today and urge them to block DOD’s authority
to increase any TRICARE fees as part of the Defense Authorization bill.
Those who have fought for our country deserve no less.  Congress
should insist that DOD find efficiencies in other areas and leave those
who have fought and continue to fight for our country out of any budget

Let them know we expect any fee increases to be dead on arrival!

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