VA Exceeds Government-Wide Goal for Veteran-Owned Business Procurement

VA Exceeds Government-Wide Goal for Veteran-Owned Business Procurement

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs exceeded by more than six times the Small Business Administration (SBA) goal of government procurements to Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) according to the SBA scorecard released today.  That total surpassed the combined procurements from the rest of the civilian agencies of the federal government.

“Our results demonstrate VA’s commitment to the success of Veteran-owned small businesses,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki.  “Veterans possess the vision and abilities to help build an enduring and vibrant economy.  VA is doing its part to help translate those traits into results.”

VA has statutory responsibilities under Public Law 109-461 that place SDVOSB and Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSB) first and second, respectively, in the hierarchy of its small business preferences.

In support of this policy, Secretary Shinseki has established a department goal of 10 percent for SDVOSB procurements. VA continued to make SDVOSB its first priority even after it met its own expanded goal, resulting in the department nearly doubling its own SDVOSB goal. The Department of Veterans Affairs awarded more than 18.3 percent of its procurement dollars to SDVOSB.

Secretary Shinseki also established a department goal of 12 percent for VOSB.  In 2011, VA spent 20 percent of its procurement dollars with VOSB, again far exceeding its own goal.

At the National Veteran Small Business Conference in Detroit last week, the largest crowd of Veteran businesses and government procurement decision makers gathered anywhere in the country this year, Secretary Shinseki announced additional steps to ensure that VA meets its commitment to Veteran-owned businesses.

  • Any contract not going to a Veteran-owned small business must be reviewed by a senior executive and concurred with by a senior contracting executive.
  • All senior executive performance evaluations will include a small business performance metric.
  • For the first time, VA has established small business procurement goals all the way down to the lowest senior executive level that exercises procurement responsibilities; for instance, at a medical center or a regional office or a cemetery. Within overall departmental goals, senior executives are now accountable for specific goals.

For more information about VA’s services for Veteran-owned small businesses, please visit:


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CANADA WANTS U.S.VETERANS FOR PIPELINE WORK VFW-backed VetJobs to post thousands of vacancies WASHINGTON (July 2, 2012) — The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is proud to announce that its partly owned veterans jobs board has secured an exclusive employment initiative with Alberta, Canada, that could see thousands of U.S. veterans heading north to work on their oil pipeline.

“This is a great opportunity for veterans, transitioning military, National Guard and reservists, and their family members,” said Ted Daywalt, founder and CEO of VetJobs  a recognized industry leader in helping veterans find work.

“Though America’s Keystone Pipeline is delayed, the Canadians are moving forward on their side of the border and have an immediate need for tens of thousands of workers,” said Daywalt, whose website averages more than 55,000 daily job postings by employers strictly interested in hiring veterans. He said the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation anticipates a shortage of 114,000 workers in the Alberta area, and they want to hire American veterans to fill that shortage.

According to the development corporation, the positions being offered are long term, with many paying as much as 30 percent more than similar industry positions in the United States. Some positions will require a move to Canada, but many others will allow veterans to commute — working several weeks in Canada, then one week back home.

The skilled positions they are currently hiring for include journeymen pressure pipe welders, heavy equipment technicians, steamfitter-pipefitters, structural ironworkers, millwright and carpenter/scaffolders. Professional staff vacancies include construction quality auditors, quality examiners/inspectors, cost estimators, high voltage construction managers, refinery shift supervisors, planners/schedulers, power engineers (operators), project control leads, project managers/coordinators, and health, safety and environment professionals.

“This is a fantastic opportunity and I’m proud of our affiliation with VetJobs,” said VFW National Commander Richard L. DeNoyer, of Middleton, Mass. “Helping thousands of veterans to get well-paying jobs in an important industry just further proves that no one does more for veterans than the VFW.”

To apply for the new positions, go to, click on Search Jobs, then type “opportunity awaits” into the company search field. Additional job postings will be added in the coming months as the Canadian pipeline project progresses.


VA Extends Verification Term for Veteran Entrepreneurs




June 29, 2012                                           


VA Extends Verification Term for Veteran Entrepreneurs

Two Years to Help Efficiency, Accountability

WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs is doubling the amount of time before the owners of service-disabled, Veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSB) and Veteran-owned small businesses (VOSB) must re-verify with VA that they are, in fact, owned and operated by qualified Veterans and other legal requirements.

“The community of Veteran-owned businesses and businesses owned by service-disabled Veterans is a vital partner with VA and the federal government,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “To ensure we have improved our verification policies and processes, I have directed that VA simplify the verification process immediately and move from an annual to a biennial re-verification – every two years.”

The interim final rule, which took effect June 27, will benefit thousands of small businesses by reducing the uncertainty and administrative burden associated with a yearly verification cycle.  Public comments on this interim final rule may be submitted within the next 60 days.

By increasing the verification period to two years, SDVOSBs and VOSBs will be able to plan and operate their companies more efficiently and effectively instead of working within the current 12-month business cycle.  Under this interim final rule, businesses at the end of their two-year verification period would be required to be re-verified through VA’s Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE).

In 2011, VA awarded $3.2 billion in contracts to VOSBs and SDVOSBs.  To participate in VA’s Veterans First program, a Veteran-owned and controlled small business must be verified as an eligible firm by initiating and completing the application process with CVE through the web-based Vendor Information Pages database.  Information about the process for verification can be found on the VA website at

Businesses removed from the VIP database that were verified from June 2010 to December 2010 will have their remaining months added to coincide with their one year extension via the interim change.

These designated businesses will be required to re-verify within 120 days of their expiration date.  All future applications for re-verification will be required to submit a complete set of new documentation with each application.



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VetJobs July Newsletter


: VetJobs Veteran Eagle – July

VetJobs Veteran Eagle Issue 13:07, Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Veteran Eagle is a newsletter for veterans, transitioning military, their family members and friends and supporters of VetJobs. Feel free to forward the newsletter to veterans and friends and encourage them to subscribe.

This month’s Veteran Eagle is sponsored by: BNSF Railway, TECHEXPO Top Secret and iVetConnect


1. Message from the Top

2. VetJobs Recommends: A Multitude of Hope

3. Jobs for Veterans in Canada!

4. MyCAA Program Helps Military Spouses Pursue Education

5. Military Recruiting and Retention Numbers for 2012

6. Justice Kennedy Suggests Medals Database in “Stolen Valor” Ruling

7. Vets Received $944 Million in Jobless Benefits Last Year

8. Veterans’ Student Loan Relief Fund

9. National Guard (in Federal Status) and Reserve Activated as of June 12, 2012

10. Significant Events this Month in Military History

Thank you for reading this VetJobs Veteran Eagle newsletter. If you like the newsletter and what VetJobs, the VFW and endorsing veteran service organizations do to assist veterans and their family members find employment, please go to and vote VetJobs for the WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Award!

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * NOTE: If you have a resume in the VetJobs database, be sure to update your experience and refresh your resume at a minimum of every two weeks. VetJobs has many new customers using the resume database and as a general rule, they do not look at resumes over 30 days old.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1. Message from the Top

As we go into the second half of the year VetJobs is proud to announce a new exclusive initiative to provide employment opportunities to our veterans. While the administration does not want to permit the Keystone Pipeline to move forward and create several hundred thousand new energy jobs, the Canadians are moving forward with their pipeline plans and have an immediate need for tens of thousands of workers. Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) anticipates a shortage of 114,000 workers in the Alberta, Canada area. And they want to hire American veterans to fill their shortage of workers!

These are high paying jobs, many as much as 30% over what is being paid in the United States. While some of the jobs require you to move to Canada, many of the jobs will let you remain living in the United States and commute – working several weeks in Canada, then one week back home!

This is a great opportunity for unemployed veterans. And VetJobs is the ONLY job board being used by the EEDC to advertise their jobs to veterans in the United States! Yes, for now VetJobs has an exclusive on advertising these jobs.

The currently available positions include: Journeyman Structural Ironworker, Journeyman Pressure Pipe Welder, Shop Mechanic, Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician, Power Engineer, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Safety (HSE) Professionals, Quality Examiners, Inspectors, Planners, Schedulers, Project Controllers, Estimators, Construction Quality Auditors, Steamfitters, Pipefitters, Millwrights, Carpenter-Scaffolders, Refinery Supervisors, Cost Estimators, and High Voltage Construction Managers. More jobs will be added in coming months. These jobs are excellent opportunities for transitioning military, veterans and members of the National Guard & Reserve and their families.

And best of all, these positions are long term and well paying! The jobs are being posted to VetJobs ( To make it easier to find, we are cross posting all the jobs to each state with the caveat that the jobs are in Canada. Help VetJobs spread the word. More information is available in Article #3 below.

To apply, go to, then to Search Jobs, and search OpportunityAwaits in the Keyword Search field.

And speaking of oil related jobs, North Dakota is experiencing such a boom in revenues from oil production that voters actually considered a measure to abolish the state’s property taxes. Although the measure was defeated in the June 12 vote, the fact that it was even considered points to the incredible economic opportunities enjoyed by North Dakota residents due to unfettered oil production. “It turns out that, yes, we can drill our way out of our problems,” Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) observes in an editorial.

North Dakota in March pumped oil at the rate of 575,490 barrels per day, replacing California as the nation’s No. 3 oil-producing state behind Texas and Alaska. At its current rate of production growth, North Dakota will likely surpass Alaska sometime this year. Thanks to the energy boom, North Dakota has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate at just over 3%, and Williams County – at the center of the drilling boom – boasts the lowest jobless rate in the country at just 0.7%. Oil revenues in the state generated some $840 million in fiscal 2011 and are expected to deliver more than $2 billion over the next two years. State per-capita income is now $4,000 above the national average.

According to IBD, the Green River Formation, a largely vacant area where Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming come together, contains about as much recoverable oil as all the rest of the world’s proven reserves combined. But most of the oil is beneath federal land overseen by the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management, and the government has “locked up” development of the huge resource, critics charge.

The EEDC needs thousands of workers in Alberta, Canada. Through VetJobs, these high paying jobs are being made available to our veterans and their family members. Due to the high demand for help VetJobs is working with the Canadians who have a similar value system and want to create jobs for American Veterans! Help spread the word and tell your friends to apply for these positions!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * This month we celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, a time when families throughout the country attend picnics, races, parades, political rallies and fireworks displays. Congress established Independence Day as a holiday in 1870. In 1938 Congress reaffirmed it as a holiday. I would encourage everyone to learn and understand the history of the Fourth of July and recognize that it is NOT just a holiday to kick off the summer. Knowledge of our history is what will keep the Fourth of July and the Constitution near and dear to the hearts of all Americans.

Here is some background about our Independence Day: During the American Revolution, the legal separation of the American colonies from Great Britain occurred on July 2, 1776, when the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence that had been proposed in June by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia.  After voting for independence, Congress turned its attention to the Declaration of Independence, a statement explaining this decision, which had been prepared by a Committee of Five, with Thomas Jefferson as its principal author. Congress debated and revised the Declaration, finally approving it on July 4.   One of the most enduring myths about Independence Day is that Congress signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The myth had become so firmly established that, decades after the event and nearing the end of their lives, even the elderly Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had come to believe that they and the other delegates had signed the Declaration on the fourth. Most delegates actually signed the Declaration on August 2, 1776. In a remarkable series of coincidences, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two founding fathers of the United States and the only two men who signed the Declaration of Independence to become president, died on the same day: July 4, 1826, which was the United States’ 50th anniversary.

You should display a flag on the 4th of July. If you need a flag, you can order one from the VFW Store at

In addition to the Fourth of July, the 27th of July is the anniversary of the end of the Korean War, frequently referred to as the “Forgotten War”. The 1950-53 conflict cost America 33,651 killed in action and 103,284 wounded. More than 1.5 million American men and women fought in Korea. Here at VetJobs our prayers and thoughts go out to the Korean War veterans and their extended families for the sacrifices they sustained to protect our federal republic and our free market economy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * On the economic front, nationally things are definitely NOT getting better. I anticipate the unemployment rate announcement this Friday will show an increase in national and veteran unemployment. As we go into the election season, I do not see things improving. Maybe when the bickering in Congress subsides after the election people will get serious about improving our economy. Here are some of the major indicators:

On the positive side -Housing permits rose 7.9% to a 780,000-unit rate, the highest since September 2008 and above economists’ forecasts of a 728,000-unit rate.

-Permits for single-family homes, which account for three-quarters of the housing market, rose 4% to an annual rate of 494,000 last month. That’s the highest level since March 2010. All figures are seasonally adjusted.

-The U.S. economy expanded at an annualized pace of 1.9% in the first quarter, matching an earlier estimate, and economists’ forecasts.

-The National Association of Realtors reports pending home sales jumped 5.9% in May from April, bigger than the expected 1% rise. Pending home sales have increased 13.3% from May 2011.

-Jobless rates were lower in May than a year earlier in 331 of the 372 metropolitan areas, higher in 32, and unchanged in 9.

On the negative side -U.S. housing starts fell 4.8% in May to a 708,000-unit rate, missing economists’ estimates of a 720,000-unit rate.

-Construction on new U.S. homes fell 4.8% in May to an annual rate of 708,000

-A final reading on consumer sentiment for the month of June came in at 73.2, the lowest level since December 2011 and down from a reading of 74.1 in early June, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan. Economists expected the gauge to hold steady at 74.1.

-Personal spending remained flat in May from April as expected while personal income rose 0.2%, also as expected.

-The Conference Board’s reading on consumer confidence came in at 62 in June, the lowest reading since January, from a downwardly revised 64.4 in May. Economists were expecting the index to fall to 63.5 from an initial reading of 64.9 in May.

-The Philadelphia Federal Reserve’s gauge of manufacturing activity in the mid-Atlantic region came in at minus 16.6 in June, far short of the zero reading expected. Readings above zero point to expansion, while those below zero indicate contraction.

I for one will be glad when we are past the election season!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * Finally, VetJobs has started publishing a monthly Veteran Employment Situation Report. It comes out on the same Friday as the unemployment reports. If you would like to receive a copy of the report, please send an email to and request to be signed up. The report reviews the overall unemployment/employment situation, talks about where the jobs were created and then reviews the veteran unemployment situation. Here is part of what was published on June 1, 2012:

The BLS CPS reports there were 21,224,000 veterans alive in May, down from 21,256,000 in April, a loss of 32,000 veterans in May. There were 10,348,000 veterans in the workforce in May, up from 10,329,000 in April. This is an increase of 19,000 veterans in the workforce.

The CPS overall veteran unemployment rate for May is 7.7%, up from the April rate of 7.1%. There were 880,000 unemployed veterans in May, up from the 785,000 unemployed veterans in April. This is an increase of 95,000 more veterans who are unemployed.

The fact that the veteran overall unemployment rate is lower than the national unemployment rate indicates that in spite of the increase in unemployed veterans, as a class they are still having better success finding employment than non-veterans.

However, the unemployment rate for the 18 to 24 year old veterans rose in May to 23.5% (53,000 unemployed ) from 18.6% in April (39,000 unemployed). This is an increase of 14,000. A substantial number of the unemployed 18 to 24 year olds are in the National Guard and Reserve.

The overall unemployment rate for all 18 to 24 year olds (veterans and nonveterans) went up to 15.3% in May with 2,940,000 unemployed from 14.6% in April when there was a total of 2,746,000 unemployed. This represents an increase of 194,000 more unemployed 18 to 24 year olds.

VetJobs anticipates the unemployment rate for the young veterans will increase more as DOD starts the furlough of 140,000 active duty troops and many of the National Guard and Reserve brigades start returning from their mustering stations in Kuwait.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * As always, if there is anything we at VetJobs can do for you, please do not hesitate to call or email.

Remember, Freedom Is Never Free – Support Our Armed Forces and Veterans

Best regards,

Ted Daywalt President

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BNSF Railway, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., is actively seeking applicants with military experience. At BNSF, we salute those with service, value their skills and welcome the unique experiences of our service members. From skilled craftsmen to first-line supervisors, we filled over 5,000 positions in 2011. BNSF offers challenging and rewarding career opportunities for those in transition from military to civilian life as well as veterans, retirees and members of National Guard and Reserve components.

Today’s BNSF Railway, a product of nearly 400 different railroad lines that merged or were acquired over the course of 160 years, has been quietly delivering cars, coal, clothing, games and nearly anything else found in homes and businesses. While many different railroads combined to form BNSF, the people who worked at those railroads shared many traits. The people who built BNSF were – and continue to be – a unique breed, blending the forward-thinking of dreamers with the pragmatism of results-oriented business leaders. This heritage played a central role in settling and growing the American West, and today, BNSF continues to have a significant impact in meeting the needs of shippers and serving the economy. If you are seeking a challenging and rewarding career with a company that appreciates your military experience, then visit to apply.

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2. VetJobs Recommends: A Multitude of Hope

A Multitude of Hope is Peter Weddle’s newest novel about what is happening to the American Dream. It is a tale of three out-of-work Baby Boomers and a secret online group of workplace activists who are practicing “economic disobedience” against the vulture capitalists in the American economy. Ripped right from today’s headlines, the book engulfs you in a no-holds barred war between a self-styled monarchy of greed-is-good investors and a virtual colony of revolutionaries using the Web to even the score. Part edge-of-your-seat thriller and part exploration of modern American culture, this is one novel you won’t want to miss. There are many lessons in the book for those in the job market! You can order the book on

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7/18, TECHEXPO Top Secret Career Fair, BWI Marriott, 1743 West Nursery Road, Linthicum Heights, MD, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, security clearance required, to register visit

Interview with leading government contractors! Full schedule, event details, & pre-registration are available at The career fair is for professionals with active or recent security clearances only. Free admission. If you attend a TECHEXPO career fair, please indicate you learned of the career fair from VetJobs.

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3. Great Oil Related Jobs for Veterans in Canada!

Alberta’s economy will experience solid long-term growth driven in large part by the energy sector. As of May 2012, $193 billion in capital investments were underway or planned in Alberta, equivalent to 211 CenturyLink Fields in Seattle or 175 Hoover dams in Nevada.   With this projected growth, the Alberta government predicts a shortage of over 114,000 workers up until 2021. Unlike most of North America, Alberta has more jobs than workers to fill them.

Alberta has one of the world’s highest standards of living, with some of North America’s highest wages – household incomes in Alberta are 24% higher than the state of Washington. Alberta welcomes newcomers with one of the English-speaking world’s best education systems, leading-edge health care, and a quality of life coveted by many.

Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) is a not-for-profit company owned by the City of Edmonton.  Recruitment and workforce is one of EEDC’s major initiatives and in partnership with private industry, EEDC is leading this North America-wide recruitment initiative. The first market will be in Seattle, Washington where an interview fair is scheduled from August 15-17, 2012.  A second fair will be announced shortly.  Below is a listing of the positions Alberta currently has available.

Skilled Trades: -Journeyperson Pressure Pipe Welder -Journeyperson Heavy Equipment Technician -Journeyperson Steamfitter-Pipefitter -Journeyperson Structural Ironworker -Journeyperson Millwright -Journeyperson Carpenter/Scaffolder

Staff Professionals: -Construction Quality Auditor -Quality Examiners/Inspectors -Cost Estimator -Estimators -Construction Manager – High Voltage -Refinery Shift Supervisor -Planners/Schedulers -Power Engineer (Operator) -Project Controls Lead -Project Managers/Project Coordinators -Safety (HSE) Professionals

Please visit or to apply for these positions and to find out more about living in northern Alberta. Be sure to check back periodically as new positions will be added to VetJobs!

4. MyCAA Program Helps Military Spouses Pursue Education

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) Program is a career development and employment assistance program that provides up to $4,000 of financial assistance to eligible military spouses who are pursuing a license, certification or Associate’s degree in a portable career field and occupation. MyCAA is a component of the Department of Defense’s Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program. For more information visit

5. Military Recruiting and Retention Numbers for 2012

The Department of Defense announced today recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for fiscal 2012, through May.

Active Component.

Recruiting.  All four active services met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal 2012, through May.  Army — 37,953 accessions, with a goal of 37,700; 101 percent  Navy — 21,160 accessions, with a goal of 21,160; 100 percent  Marine Corps — 14,457 accessions, with a goal of 14,418; 100 percent  Air Force — 18,952 accessions, with a goal of 18,952; 100 percent

Retention.  The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force all exhibited strong retention through the eighth month of fiscal 2012.

Reserve Component.

Recruiting.  Five of the six reserve components met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal 2012, through May.  Army National Guard — 32,542 accessions, with a goal of 34,092; 95 percent  Army Reserve — 18,237 accessions, with a goal of 17,595; 104 percent  Navy Reserve — 5,056 accessions, with a goal of 5,056; 100 percent  Marine Corps Reserve — 5,896 accessions, with a goal of 5,583; 106 percent  Air National Guard — 5,669 accessions, with a goal of 5,655; 100 percent  Air Force Reserve — 5,691 accessions, with a goal of 5,691; 100 percent

Attrition — All reserve components are on target to achieve their fiscal year attrition goals.

6. Justice Kennedy Suggests Medals Database in “Stolen Valor” Ruling

The New York Times reports a database of military medal recipients could help expose people who make false claims about receiving military honors, according to Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who wrote the majority opinion in the court’s decision to strike down the Stolen Valor Act. Vietnam veteran Doug Sterner has already created such a database and logged more than 104,000 awards, including every recipient of the Medal of Honor, Air Force Cross, Navy Cross and Distinguished Service Cross. “I’ve done this much by myself,” Sterner said. “Imagine what I could do if I had a team.” For more information visit

7. Vets Received $944 Million in Jobless Benefits Last Year

Unemployment benefits paid by the military to veterans increased 2% last year to $944 million, according to data from the Department of Labor. The Army said its benefits payouts declined 4% while every other service experienced an increase in benefits payouts. The drop in payouts to Army veterans can be attributed in part to the fact that fewer National Guard and Reserve troops are having their civilian lives disrupted by overseas deployments, says Walter Herd, who directs a program for transitioning soldiers out of the military.

8. Veterans’ Student Loan Relief Fund

The Veterans’ Student Loan Relief Fund, a program administered by Scholarship America, was established to provide assistance to veterans who have incurred educational debt and feel they are in financial difficulties as a result of being defrauded or misled by the proprietary (for-profit) school they attended.

The Veterans’ Student Loan Relief Fund is open to veterans of all branches of the United States Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) as well as the Coast Guard, National Guard and Armed Forces Reserves following service in Iraq or Afghanistan after September 11, 2001 and who have attended proprietary (for-profit) schools at the undergraduate level. If selected as a recipient of The Veterans’ Student Loan Relief Fund, the veteran will receive up to $5,000 to repay educational loans. The application postmark deadline is August 11, 2012.

For more information, visit

9. National Guard (in Federal Status) and Reserve Activated as of June 12, 2012

At any given time, services may activate some units and individuals while deactivating others, making it possible for these figures to either increase or decrease. The total number currently on active duty from the Army National Guard and Army Reserve is 46,474; Navy Reserve, 4,270; Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, 9,226; Marine Corps Reserve, 4,257, and the Coast Guard Reserve, 839. This brings the total National Guard and Reserve personnel who have been activated to 65,066, including both units and individual augmentees. A cumulative roster of all National Guard and Reserve personnel who are currently activated may be found on line at

10. Significant Events this Month in Military History

1775 – George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, MA. (American Revolutionary War).

1814 – American force led by GEN Jacob Brown defeated British force led by GEN Phineas Riall at Chippewa River, just north of British Fort Erie (near Niagara Falls, NY). A gray-uniformed Brigade led by young American BG Winfield Scott drove the British back. Scott’s men wore gray because Army contractors had run out of blue cloth. To this day, West Point cadets wear gray to commemorate this victory (War of 1812).

1863 – Confederate forces under GEN Robert E. Lee, defeated after three days of fighting at the battle of Gettysburg, PA, began their withdrawal to the South (American Civil War).

1898 – American naval victory over the Spanish at Santiago, Cuba (Spanish-American War).

1907 – Founding of the Aeronautical Division of the US Army Signal Office; the forerunner of the US Army Air Force and later the U.S. Air Force

1914 – World War I began

1915 – U.S. Marines landed in Haiti following the assassination of the Haitian president Vilbrun Guillaume. The Marines remained as occupation forces for nine years.

1918 – Beginning of the Second Battle of the Marne in Northern France between German forces on one side and French, American, British, and Italian troops on the other side. The battle ended on 4 August (World War I).

1926 – U.S. Army Air Corps established.

1943 – The U.S. Army’s Fourth Division, part of General Omar Bradley’s II Corps, captured San Stefano in Sicily (World War II).

1944 – The island of Saipan in the Marianas (Western Pacific) fell to U.S. troops following their defeat of Japanese defenders (World War II). Napalm was used for the first time during the American invasion of Tinian in the Marianas.

1950 – General of the Army Douglas MacArthur was named commander of all UN forces in Korea (Korean Conflict).

1953 – The Korean War ended.

1970 – Siege of Fire Base Ripcord began (Vietnam War)

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U. S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces Assistance for Veterans Seeking Jobs in Transportation


U. S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces Assistance for Veterans Seeking Jobs in Transportation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki today unveiled a new portal on their departments’ websites designed to help military veterans find jobs in the transportation industry.

“Our transportation industry needs pilots, controllers, mechanics and drivers – the very kinds of skills that our military is known for developing,” Secretary LaHood said.  “This new web link will help repay the debt we owe our veterans for their service to our country.”

“Veterans have the skills, knowledge and attributes that American businesses need to help rebuild an economy that will last,” said Secretary Shinseki.  “These men and women bring exceptional leadership to any position.  They are uniquely qualified for jobs as pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers, commercial drivers and emergency medical technicians because many of them have performed these roles in combat.”


The portal on the U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs websites will link to the Veterans Transportation Career Center, where former members of the armed forces can enter their specific military work experience and see how it translates to jobs in the civilian working world.  The site will guide veterans to jobs in five categories:  aviation pilot, aviation maintenance technician, air traffic controller, commercial motor vehicle driver and emergency medical services.  Job seekers can find what training and certification is needed for civilian jobs, determine what career fits best with their background, and search for available jobs in their field.  The portals are available at and

Secretaries LaHood and Shinseki announced the new portal at an aviation-workforce management conference held at DOT headquarters in Washington.  The conference on labor-management relations was first formed in response to a recommendation made by the Future of Aviation Advisory Committee (FAAC), which was convened by Secretary LaHood in 2010.  The FAAC recommended that DOT hold events like this to bolster labor-management relations.

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