MoorMart June Events


MooreMart’s next two events are schedule to take place in June. The first event is the June 1st Adventure 5K Obstacle Course event at Liquid Plant in Candia NH. The Second is our Spring/4th of July Packing Event on June 6 – 8 at the Nashua National Guard Armory.

If you or your group would like to volunteer at either event please let me know as soon as possible as our volunteer slots fill quickly.

If you or your group would like to donate supplies for the June 6 – 8th care package event the drop off date for the supplies is June 6th at the Armory in Nashua from 3 to 7pm. The contact person relative to volunteering is Paul at and if possible if you could let us know by Friday (May 3rd, 2013)  if you think your group would like to participate in either event that would be greatly appreciated. A firm list of volunteers would be needed by the 10th of May so we can plan accordingly.

I have included the announcements for both events in this e-mail.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great day!


June 6 – 8th event:

MooreMart’s Spring/4th of July Packing Event!


WHAT:          Help our troops celebrate the Spring/Summer Season by donating a gift bag (no larger than 8″x10″x3″) with Patriotic items/candy, healthy snacks, encouraging notes and cards.
WHEN:          Drop off of gift bags will be on Thursday, June 6th from 3 pm – 7 pm.
WHERE:        U.S. Army National Guard Armory – 154 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua NH 03060.
WHY:             Because we care!
Individuals, organizations, and businesses are welcome to donate decorated brown bags (see photo of gift bags) that are no larger than 8″x10″x3″ (please no brown lunch/sandwich bags).

“Standard Packing Items List

A lot of people have asked what standard items they can purchase for MooreMart’s upcoming packing events. The Standard Packing List Items is:

•           Individual size drink mixes/ water bottle packet flavoring (crystal lite, power aid, etc)

•           Power Bars and Granola Bars

•           Bags of Peanuts/Trail Mix – small size

•           Hot chocolate – individual size

•           Dried fruit or Nuts – small packages

•           Gum

•           Card Games – i.e. Uno, SkipBo, etc.

•           Small Games

•           NEW white tube socks

•           Movie Size Boxes (now available at Wal-Mart) Life Savers, Jolly Rancher, Smarties, Twizzlers, Dum Dum Pops, Starburst, Skittles, Swedish Fish, Air Heads, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tarts, M & Ms, Tootsie Roll, Tootsie Pops, Tootsie Rolls, Jelly Beans, Gummy Bears, Blow Pops, Dots, Nerds, Mike & Ike, Dots, Starburst, etc.

•           Fun Size Chocolates

•           M&M’s snack size or individual size bags

•           Licorice snack size or individual size bags

•           Hard Candy- Mixed bags Most Enjoyed – please no bags of only mints

•           Packaged Cookies and peanut butter crackers – i.e. 6 per package (no home baked items)

•           Tooth Brushes, Tooth Paste, and Dental Floss

•           Girl Scout cookies

•           NEW pens and NEW writing paper/cards

•           Hand warmers

•           Foot warmers

•           A card or letter with supportive message”

PLEASE, NO LIQUIDS, TOILETRIES, OR HOME BAKED ITEMS to include your own trail mix!

Nothing larger than 3” in diameter or it won’t fit in our boxes!

Please do not use brown paper lunch/sandwich bags

Financial Donations to help defray the cost of shipping the care packages are always greatly appreciated.





The Postal Service wants to make sure that you send all of your holiday mail in time for your family and friends to receive and enjoy for the holidays.  Therefore, in order to ensure timely delivery of your cards, letters or packages to soldiers overseas, please note the shipping deadlines for the following different types of mail by visiting this link:

Thank You From Camp Eggers- MooreMart and Request

I thought that you would like to see this e-mail.
If anyone is interested in working with Larnell relative to the proposed
internet café please let me know.
Also, I just became aware of an organization started by a NH resident who is
stationed in the Middle East  that centers on supporting Afghan widows of
the Gulf War. It is called Flying Scarfs
( the organizations focus is helping the widows
develop a trade that will enable them to support their families.
If anyone is interested in this organization a contact e-mail is
Thanks again for your support of our troops.

—–Original Message—–
From: Thompson, Larnell S MAJ NTM-A CJ1
Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 5:58 AM
Subject: Thank You From Camp Eggers (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

Moore Mart,

I received your package this morning and ALL of the items where a Big Hit!
You reenergized my faith and love in my country when I opened your box!  I
cannot thank you enough for the joy you placed on these troops faces.

Being deployed in a foreign land is not always easy but knowing people such
as yourself are cheering for us makes this life bearable.  Please don’t
misunderstand me, I love what I do and who I serve, but I’m also human and
long for family.  As a 22 year Air Force Officer, I can only imagine how the
younger service members feel.  This is why I’m so passionate about what I do
and going above and beyond to make them feel comfortable.  I cannot do this
without the kind people back home such as yourself.  You are why we do what
we do and do it with pride. Thank you so much for validating that there are
still agents of our Lord looking out for us when we need it most. I thank
you personally.

Now as far as feedback of items sent and needed, as we say in the Air Force,
everything was on target!

On a separate issue, I’m seeking assistance on a huge morale initiative here
on Camp Eggers.

I’m in the process of opening an Internet Café / library for camp patrons.

This will afford service members the opportunity to communicate with their
love ones in a relaxed atmosphere.

I’m reaching out for your assistance in finding an organization willing to
donate new or used IPads, Tablets or laptops (new/used).  The assets will be
loaned out for use Only in the Internet Café for troops to Skype, Facebook
or Tweet their loves ones back home.  They will not be issued for use
outside the café.

This program will be the first that I know of in this theater of operation.
The idea came about from young service members on camp that could not afford
or did not bring any type of communication device to reach back home.  We do
have a computer room with ten overused desktop  computers without cameras.

The number do not matter, if it’s one it’s one we didn’t have before.  Thank
you in advance for any assistance you could provide to the men and women on

Please sleep well knowing we’re standing guard!


MWR Director
DSN: 318-237-0928
Address: Larnell S. Thompson, NTM-A/CSTC-A, MWR, APO AE 09356

MooreMart Update

 MooreMart volunteers packed and shipped 4,589 care packages as
 well as Humanitarian aid to local schools, orphanages and clinics on
 November 12th, 2011 at the Nashua National Guard Armory.
 On November 12th MooreMart volunteers surpassed their previous
 record of 3,911 care packages shipped in 2010.

 The care packages were shipped to 1,840 members of the armed
 services from New Hampshire serving in the Middle East, to members of the armed services from throughout the United States serving in Iraq and
 Afghanistan, to retired veterans residing at the Tilton retirement Home, veterans in transition staying at Liberty House in Manchester, Buckingham
 Place and Dalianis House in Nashua as well as the Veterans Hospital in

 MooreMart also shipped care packages to hospitalized Veterans at
 Walter Reed Hospital and Bethesda medical Center in Washington DC as well as  to the Chaplains Office to be distributed to orphanages throughout Iraq and
Afghanistan, the MWR (Chaplain’s Office) in  Iraq and Afghanistan to be distributed to any serviceman or woman who arrived in the Middle East during Christmas week to insure that they have a care package and Christmas Stocking waiting for them.

 Novembers packing event brings the total number of care packages
 shipped by MooreMart to 43,417 and Humanitarian Aid to Schools and Orphanages  in Iraq and Afghanistan to 4.1 tons. MooreMart’s 2012 packing events are currently scheduled to be held
 at the Nashua National Guard Armory on:
2012 Packing dates:

Date                            Theme
 16-18 Feb 2012           S ‘Mores

 17-19 May 2012          4th of July and summer snacks
 9-11 Aug 2012            Soccer balls      

 8-10 Nov 2012            Christmas stockings

 If you and/or your group would like to volunteer for a particular
 Packing event please let us know as soon as practical so we can
 reserve a volunteer slot for you. We will be sending out reminders as to each packing event roughly 2 months before the event. We usually max out on
 volunteer slots roughly 10 days before the event.

  Our next packing event will be our February 16 -18th event at the Nashua National Guard Armory. We will be sending out a reminder relative to the event. This year we would like to be able to send a S ‘Mores package to every individual on our mailing list as well as to local schools in Iraq and Afghanistan as the S ‘more shipment is one of the most popular shipments to the children living next to our military installations.

Donation of supplies:
 As you can see each packing event has a theme and we will follow
 up with a suggested packing list of supplies to make your shopping trip a little
easier if you wish to donate supplies.
 The drop off date for supplies is always the first day of the 3
 day packing event (Thursday) from 3pm to 7pm.  The reason for having a
 Thursday drop off day is it provides us with an opportunity to inventory the
 supplies and then, if needed, go shopping Friday to ensure that we have the
 necessary supplies to accommodate the requests we have received
 from our troops.

 The Telegraph is sponsoring a 5K run on April 28, 2012 with the
 proceeds being donated to MooreMart!
 A copy of the announcement is included below along with the link.


Are you ready for an adventure? Our next one is April 28, 2012!
We’ve got a great race planned at McIntyre Ski in Manchester, NH where you can climb a mountain, crawl through mud, and conquer a few obstacles all in one race! Challenge yourself and help us support MooreMart

Spring will be here before you know it – get ready now! The course obstacles
are being developed with Johnny D’s Tuff of Nashua.
 Sign up as a team!
 *    Running with friends is twice the fun!
 *    You can create teams during the registration process.
*    While teams can run the race together, everyone is timed
 *    Team members must coordinate start times with each other if they
       want to run together.
 *    We recommend teams sign up early, as wave times sell out, and once
        they are closed, they are closed.
*    Have fun with your team – create team shirts, outfits, chants and
 We look forward to a great event!
Register Now!
Wave times will sell out – do not wait to register! If you want to be able
to run with your friends, sign up now. Once a wave time is sold out, you
cannot be added.
 – Contact person:
 Shana Hoch
 Vice President Digital Media
 The Telegraph <>  | The Cabinet Press
<>  | |
 17 Executive Drive, Hudson, NH 03051
 Ashley Luszey
 MooreMart Marketing rep.

Recent e-mails from our troops!

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

All I can say is WOW!!!!
Thank you so very much for your very generous Christmas stocking care packages. They came in 2 pallets and were delivered to me right at the hospital where I work. Needless to say it was all we could talk about yesterday!  I have turned over all of the Christmas stockings to our Morale, Welfare and Recreation Committee (MWR).  They are going to distribute the stockings to the staff  a bit closer to Christmas.  We have saved out many to give to our American Soldiers who will be here as patients over the holiday season as well. Admittedly I peeked in a few and was completely overwhelmed by your creativity, thoughtfulness and generosity.
I will be sending pictures when the stockings are distributed.
Again, many, many thanks for your thoughtfulness, prayers and support.
Lynne Ferrari Blankenbeker, CDR, USN, NC NATO Role 3, MMU Kandahar, Afghanistan

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

    I would also like to thank you for the wonderful stockings!  We are so excited to pass these out to our Role 3 members during our Christmas Party in a few weeks!  The delivery truly was the talk of the shop yesterday!  Your support and display of thoughtfulness is so greatly appreciated and needed for all of the troops here.  

With gratitude,

LCDR Peter Yan
NATO Role 3, Multinational Medical Unit
Kandahar, Afghanistan
Division Officer- Intermediate Care Ward MWR President

Dear Members of Mooremart,

I am a civilian police officer from Scotland serving beside many brave men and women serving in Afghanistan.

My colleagues have shared with me some sweets (candies) that you very graciously have sent to them.

I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you and inform you that these packages have been greatly received.

Thank you once again and have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Best Regards

Paul Niven
Chief Inspector
Camp Eggers