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2 thoughts on “Join the VFW Department New Hampshire

  1. Dear Mayor Lane:

    My husband and I recently moved from Columbus, Ohio to Keene, New Hampshire, and both of our families have served in the United States military with honor and distinction. We had the pleasure of attending the Memorial Day Service at the Monument at the Keene Rec Center this morning.

    I wish to suggest a correction to future programs. The wording, “Firing Squad & Taps” is incorrect, ignorant, and offensive. A firing squad is a means of execution – not showing proper respect. The color guard performs a “3-gun salute” or “3-volley salute.” Please ensure that the template for future ceremonies is updated with accurate terminology. Our neighbor commented that the mistake was made last year as well, so I was surprised to see the same mistake again.

    Thank you.


    Isaiah and Maria Moore

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