For those of you that don’t know – the Department sent out about 1240 mailings  (which is a lot of folding, labeling, stamping, sealing etc. etc.) .
It was sent to all the unpaid list in the state.   So, please, if someone approaches you or your Post – willing to pay their dues – act on it quickly and get it in as soon as possible.

The Department of New Hampshire is in 41st place out of all the departments — with only 91.61%.
We only have 11 Posts in the state at 100% or better now and we congratulate them again and thank them for their hard work….
but what about the rest of us?
Do you realize Bartlet, Plymouth, Bristol and Lee have only needed one more for a 100% for a while!?
Do you know West Lebanon, Dover, Contoocook, Fitzwilliam and Hampstead only need two each for their 100%!?
There are many of you out there that are soooo close – a hand full away!

Make that call – knock on those doors – recruit new members – whatever it takes …. get the job done!

District Commanders’, are you helping out the posts in your district?  Where does your District stand?
District 5 has re-taken the lead over District 3.  Their battle is back and forth with only a slim margin between them.
Meanwhile, Districts 4 and 6 are still waiting to break into the 90% range.   And, although not quite in last place, District 4 is the only district without a 100% post.

I’ve said many times – we can do better, we should do better.   I’ve said do it for the VFW and for the Department of New Hampshire.   But we also must do it for our Commander.  Paul Lloyd has done an excellent job this year and has been a great commander.  His Testimonial is coming up in March and what better gift can we give than high membership numbers!

So, …… Go Get Em’ ……….

                                                                            Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism


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