The Department finally broke into the 92 % range after struggling with the 91’s for almost a full month …but we’re still in 41st place!  Lets not take so long to jump up another notch this time.
Please – get out there and work your unpaid list.   We still have only eleven 100% Posts with many more soooo close.
District 5 is still leading the pack …. and District 6 is still bringing up the rear.   Lets change that around !

We have two posts still in the 70% range – which is surprising because they’re both very good Posts!   Hudson and Derry !!
Hudson only has 76.49% and Derry only 79.72% ……… If you think I’m tying to embarrass you – your right!!   Like I’ve said before  – whatever it takes!

We all have to work together and bring these membership numbers up ….. and we all know that!
Membership is the back bone of any organization ….especially the VFW! 
“Strength in Numbers”  ….. How many times have we all heard that?     It’s very true. 

So, again, lets work those unpaid lists — reinstate old members — sign up new members …. Whatever it takes!


                                                                            Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism


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