Open Letter to NH Delegation from Veterans Supporting Keystone XL Pipeline

Dear New Hampshire Congressional Delegation:,

We are writing to you to express our support- and to solicit yours – for construction of the Keystone XL (KXL) Pipeline.

Though our support is multifaceted, our primary focus as military veterans is on the national security benefits of this project.

We know from the study of military history and from personal experience that national security depends on energy security.

Our enemies will not supply the fuel we need to fight them in times of conflict, and it would be foolhardy to count on them even in peacetime.  Only by developing our own natural resources or by contracting with dependable allies can we be certain of a steady supply of the fuel we need.

Canada is a dependable ally, and the KXL Pipeline could contribute mightily to the energy security we need to ensure national security.  We share the world’s longest peaceful border with Canada, and the world’s largest trading partnership.  The KXL Pipeline could safely and securely deliver 830,000 barrels of additional Canadian oil to U.S. refineries every day.

It’s also true that the pipeline will give a tremendous boost to our state and national economies, its construction creating more than 15,000 high-paying U.S. jobs and adding $20 billion to our national economy.  And most of the money we spend on Canadian oil will come back to us iin Canadian purchases of U.S. goods and services.

Ask our friends in Teamsters Local 633, UA Local 131, and IBEW 490 why they support the pipeline and they’ll explain all the economic benefits to you even better than we can.

What motivates us most is our conviction that the Keystone Pipeline will make a major contribution to our national security, allowing us to import more oil from allies and less from undependable and unfriendly sources.

That means less chance of hostilities breaking out, few American lives placed in harm’s way, and the freeing up of funds formerly dedicated to defending our access to unstable energy sources (to be redirected to other pressing needs in a dwindling defense budget).

Think how the threat of an interruption in oil exports from the Middle East has loomed so large over the last five decades, and how the situation in that part of the world is now more perilous than ever.  How could we possibly ignore an opportunity to lessen our dependence on resources from a region so volatile?

Here’s the executive summary:  We cannot keep depending on unreliable energy sources.  To continue doing so, leaving both our national economy and our national security in jeopardy, is irresponsible.  The Keystone XL Pipeline could help liberate us from that dangerous dependence, so why not build it?

The U.S. has already surpassed Saudi Arabia as the world leader in oil production.  Energy independence is on the horizon for us.  Increased oil imports from Canada and increased production here at home could supply all of our liquid fuel needs for the next decade, by which point we may very well be a net oil exporter.

That’s good news for all Americans, but especially for our service men and women.

The Canadian pipeline company, TransCanada, applied to the U.S. State Department for permission to build the pipeline six years ago.  The Department concluded multiple times, after multiple consecutive environmental impact assessments, that the project would have no significant adverse impact.  A majority of Congress and nearly two-thirds of the American people support the pipeline.

All that’s lacking is President Obama’s approval.  We ask you – we urge you – to join us in petitioning him to give the go-ahead.

Yours Respectfully,

Paul Chevalier, USMC

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