VFW Washington Weekly

July 6, 2012


In This Issue:

1. Canada Wants to Hire U.S. Vets

2. United Healthcare To Be New TRICARE West Contractor

3. Connect to Congress Today

4. Share Your Fourth of   July Stories

5. Stolen Valor Survey   Results

6. WWII MIA Returns Home


1. Canada Wants to Hire U.S. Vets: The   VFW proudly announced this week that its partly owned veterans jobs board has   secured an exclusive employment initiative with Alberta, Canada, that could   see thousands of skilled U.S. veterans heading north to work on their oil   pipeline. “Though America’s Keystone Pipeline is delayed, the Canadians are   moving forward on their side of the border and have an immediate need for   tens of thousands of workers,” said Ted Daywalt, founder and CEO of VetJobs.   There is an anticipated shortage of 114,000 workers in the Alberta area. The   positions being offered are long term, with many paying as much as 30 percent   more than similar industry positions in the United States. Some positions   will require a move to Canada, but many others will allow veterans to commute   — working several weeks in Canada, then one week back home. “This is a   fantastic opportunity and I’m proud of our affiliation with VetJobs,” said   VFW National Commander Richard DeNoyer. “Helping thousands of veterans to get   well-paying jobs in an important industry just further proves that no one   does more for veterans than the VFW.” To apply, go to www.vetjobs.com,   click on Search Jobs, then type “opportunity awaits” into the company search   field. Additional job postings will be added in the coming months as the   Canadian pipeline project progresses. To read the VFW’s full statement on the   announcement, click here: http://www.vfw.org/News-and-Events/Articles/2012-Articles/CANADA-WANTS-U-S-VETERANS-FOR-PIPELINE-WORK/

2. United Healthcare To Be New TRICARE West Contractor:   The Government Accountability Office (GAO) announced this week that it was   moving ahead with its decision to award the Tricare West region (T-3)   contract to United Healthcare. The contract had been held by TriWest   Healthcare Alliance who had filed a protest with GAO earlier this year.    TriWest currently serves 2.9 million beneficiaries including active duty   personnel, retirees and their families and has more than 175,000 health care   providers in its 21-state network. Their current contract continues through   March 31, 2013 after which United Healthcare will take over beginning April   1, 2013.  To keep informed about DoD’s transition plans, stay tuned to   the Washington Weekly for all the details.

3. Connect to Congress Today:    Congress remains on recess for a few more days and returns to a very busy   July schedule.  Now is a great time to take a look at what your VFW has   done during the 112th Congress. We have testified over 25   times on critically important issues and legislation that affects veterans, service   members and their families. Some of the topics included mental and behavior   health, employment   rights,   education benefits and oversight on the VA claims process. We also track how   your members vote on those issues when they reach the floor of the House and   Senate.  As we begin to wind down the 112th Congress, take a   look at some of the issues and bills we were asked to provide comments and   how your members have voted when those bills are called up for a vote. To   view both items, visit the VFW website at http://www.vfw.org/VFW-in-DC/    and use the Connect to Congress box on bottom right.

 4. Share Your Fourth of   July Stories:   Members of Congress were in their home districts this week, joining in   celebrations commemorating the birth of our nation and listening to the   concerns of their constituents.  We know many VFW advocates also took   this opportunity to discuss the VFW’s Legislative Priority Goals, urging   representatives to support the needs of the veterans’ community. If you   have advocacy stories you would like to share for publication on the VFW   Capitol Hill blog, simply fill out the online form available here: http://www.vfw.org/Forms/Capitol-Hill-Blog-Submissions/,   or send details and photos directly to vfwac@vfw.org.

Without   the help of our advocates in communities from coast to coast, accomplishments   like the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Agent Orange presumption, veterans’ hiring   preference, advance health care appropriations and Family Caregiver benefits   would not have been possible. We hope that you will send us your stories and   help us inspire members to reach out to their representatives and take   action!

5.  Stolen Valor   Survey Results: Last   week, we asked you for your thoughts on last week’s Supreme Court ruling,   which found the Stolen Valor Act unconstitutional. Here are the results of   our poll asking, what do you think about the Supreme Court decision to overturn   the Stolen Valor Act of 2005?

  • It was the wrong        decision: 85% (349 votes)
  • I don’t like it, but I        guess it constitutes free speech: 8% (31 votes)
  • It was the right        decision: 3% (12 votes)
  • Other (leave        comments): 4% (18 votes)

Thank   you for reading, and thank you for leaving more than 100 comments on the   blog, Facebook, and poll website. To view the original posting, click here: http://www.vfwonthehill.org/2012/06/what-do-you-think-supreme-court.html

6. WWII MIA Returns Home: The   Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office announced the identification of remains   belonging to Navy Radioman 1st Class Harry C. Scribner, 20, of Seattle. On   Aug. 2, 1943, Scribner and two other men were aboard a TBF-1 Avenger aircraft   that crashed on the island of Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides—now known as   Vanuatu—while on a routine calibration flight. Sixteen days after the crash,   one crewman was rescued from the jungle but was unable to assist recovery   teams with locating the crash site. Read more at http://www.dtic.mil/dpmo/news/news_releases/.



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