Manchester VA Contact Information

Manchester VA Medical Center
718 Smyth Road
Manchester, NH  03104
Telephone:  (603) 624-4366 or toll free 1-800-892-8384

Email:  Complete form.  At 2. *Select a Topic, click the black arrow and highlight Medical Care Issues at Specific Facilities.  Send Secure Email.

Telephone Advice Program

Monday through Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm.
(603) 624-4366 ext. 3199 or toll free (800) 892-8384 ext. 3199.
Nights, weekends, holidays:  ext. 6263 or ext. 6085.

Call our team of nurses and medical support staff to discuss these issues and others:

  • Help decide if you should come to the clinic or hospital immediately
  • Suggest things that you may try before coming to the Medical Center
  • Relay a message to your primary care provider
  • Assist with making, changing, or cancelling appointments


Frequently Called Extensions


Appointment Scheduling Ext. 3199
Billing Office Ext. 6020
Compensation & Pension Exams Ext. 6680
DAV Transportation Ext. 6427
Eligibility – Medical – New Patients Ext. 6410
Eligibility – Health Benefits/Finance Ext. 6247
Eligibility – OEF/OIF Vets, Persian Gulf, or Agent Orange Ext. 6799
Geriatric and Extended Care Ext. 6498
Human Resources Ext. 6605
Mental Health Services Ext. 6825
Minority Veterans Coordinator Ext. 6185
OEF/OIF Returning Combat Veteran Coordinator Ext. 6040
Patient Advocate Ext. 6491
Pharmacy – Prescription Refills Ext. 6543
Primary Care Ext. 3199
Public Affairs Office Ext. 6419
Social Work Outpatient Ext. 6672
Sensory & Physical Rehabilitative Medicine Ext. 6268
Specialty & Acute Care Ext. 3199
Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder Services Ext. 6054
Urgent Care Ext. 6096
Volunteer Services Coordinator Ext. 6419
VA Police Ext. 6426
Women Veterans Coordinator Ext. 6794


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