Attention CV-67 Vets: Please help us spread the word!

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From: To: Sent: 7/26/2012 12:14:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time Subj: Attention CV-67 Vets: Please help us spread the word
Dear Friends and Supporters: For our efforts to be successful, it is important for us to show nationwide support. More importantly, we must show enthusastic support from those who served aboard CV/A-67.


It is difficult to solicit any type government funding or corporate sponsorships if JFK shipmates — those who have the most to gain from realization of this dream — are not stepping up to give this project their full support.


Our problem is identifying and locating the 75,000 men and women who served aboard Big John. That information is not obtainable from the Navy.


Through the Internet we are now in touch with about           1500 contacts, but for most we have email addresses only.


To give this project the greatest chance of success, we ask you all to reply to this message with your basic contact information: full name, address, and phone number. For CV-67 vets, it would also be helpful if you would include the dates you served aboard, along with a very brief description of your assignment.


We also plan on developing online community networks for shipmates to use, and this information will help guide the process.


To help us achieve our goals, we are establishing a network of local “Area Reps”, whose most important task is to identify and reach out to USS JFK shipmates within their geographical areas.


Some states already have local chapters and hold their own USS JFK meetings and luncheons. In other localities, some of you have already stepped forward to volunteer to take on this coordination task.


  1.           If you arewilling to serve as a CV-67 representative in your local community, please respond to this email and indicate your willingness to do so.
  2.           Either way, please respond with your full name, address, and phone number as requested above. We promise not to sell, distribute or share your information with third parties.

By knowing where you live and how to contact you, we can put you in touch with other  shipmates who live nearby, thus building a critical mass of support as we move forward.


This information will never be used for any purposeother than saving this ship.


Thank You!


–  Frank Lennon
USS John F. Kennedy Project

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