Department of New Hampshire Tentative Schedule of Events


                                   VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS OF THE U.S.



July 21-25                         National Convention, Reno, Nevada

July 26                              Korean Conflict Ends

August 4                          C of A Meeting 9:00 AM / State PicnicWinchester VFW Post

August 5                          Joint OTI –WinchesterVFW

September 7 – 8             Commander-in-Chief’s Homecoming –Jacksonville,FL

September 15                POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony, Boscawen, NH

September 21                National POW/MIA Day

September 20-23           National President’s Homecoming –Cedar Rapids,IA

October  1-9                   Eastern States Conference, Garmish, Germany

October 11-14                Jr. Vice Conference,Kansas City,MO

October 20                     Fall Conference/Program Review- 0900-1200 – Laconia VFW Post

October 20                     Council of Administration Meeting 2:00 PM – Laconia VFW

October 28                     Statue ofLiberty(Ladies Auxiliary)

November 11                 Veterans Day, State Veterans Cemetery – Boscawen 11 AM

December 2                   VAVS Christmas Party,White River

December 7                   Pearl Harbor Day

December 9                   Christmas Party, NH Veterans Home

December 16                 VAVS Christmas Party,Manchester

January 19                      Council of Administration Meeting 10:00AM Portsmouth VFW Post

January 19                      Scholastic Awards Banquet, Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside (VOD)

January 27                      Vietnam War Ends 1973

February 7-10                  Ladies Auxiliary Mid-Year Conference

February 15                     Sinking of the U.S.S. Maine, 1898

March 2-6                        Voice of Democracy/Legislative Conference, Washington, DC

March 4                           Sr. Vice Conference,Washington,D.C.

March 23                         Council of Administration Meeting 10:00 AM Portsmouth VFW Post   

March 23                         State Commander / President’s Testimonial, Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside  

April 20 -27                      C-I-C, John Hamilton’s Cruise

May 1                               Loyalty Day, No Department Level Program, Post and District only

May 8                               V-E Day, 1945

May 17 – 19                      Jr. Vice Visit to National Home

May 19                             Armed Forces Day

May 30                             Memorial Day – State Veterans Cemetery – Boscawen 11AM

June 6                              D-Day Allied Invasion ofEurope, 1944

June 7-9                           State Convention, Radisson, Nashua    

June 14                            Flag Day

July 20-24                         National Convention, Louisville, KY


“Comradeship, Service & Patriotism”

“Proudly Serving Our Veterans”