Message from Commander Lynch On Next Years Convention Site

Comrades and Sisters,

As much as I was looking forward to the change and novelty of having our next State Convention at the Indian Head Resort in Lincoln this coming year – that is not going to happen.  Due to logistics of our meeting room needs – but mostly because of some high, unforeseen charges for those rooms, Indian Head has been taken off the table.

Therefore, as disappointed as I am, we will again be at the Radisson inNashuaone final year.

But that’s not a bad thing!  This year went very smoothly and everything was fine.  The hotel management and staff went out of their way to see that we had everything we needed and wanted.  The food was great – the accommodations were great and I’ve heard no complaints. We are even locked into a like price range for the coming year.

My only complaint – and I’ll be saying it often throughout the year – was the lack of  participation from our Members!  Sadly, there were far too many Posts not represented at all.  This is YOUR Convention …. A time for camaraderie and getting together of friends to celebrate a year of accomplishments and hard work……And a time to look ahead and plan a new year. Lets all make an effort to attend this next Convention …All Conventions …. And all Department events.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our Annual State Picnic / C of A / O.T.I. in Winchester August 4th & 5th.

Till then – keep up the good work and all you do for our Veterans.

Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism









Patriotic Rally at Department Convention


The following is the planned itinery –

1. Each District will need to bring an American Flag and flag stand.

2. For District #6 – Hudson Post please bring your American flag and full set of service flags and flag stands! If you cannot – let me know.

3.  The State Color Guard will carry the American Flag, POW/MIA Flag, NH State Flag, and each District will be lead by an American Flag     and a VFW or service flag.  Everyone will be directed on where to put your flag stands for posting.

District #1 will carry the American Flag and NHVFW Flag

District #2 will carry the American Flag and NHVFW/LA Flag

District #3 will carry the American Flag and the U.S. Army flag

District #4 will carry the American Flag and the U.S. Marine Corps flag

District #5 will carry the American Flag and the U.S. Navy flag

District #6 will carry the American Flag and the U.S. Air Force flag

District #7 will carry the American Flag and the U.S. Coast Guard flag (if there is a National Guard Flag things may be moved. This is the jist of what we’re doing but it’s all subject to slight changes)

4. Each Post/member will need wear their assigned District color and bring patriotic banners/props/flags for waving etc – see the flyer!

5. All members will be lined-up by District #1 – #7 outside the ballroom in the hallway at 6:40pm. Patriotic music will accompany our march!

6. The State Color Guard will lead the Dept of NHVFW & NHVFWLA State Officers will do one cycle around the ballroom then take their pass and review positions. The State Color Guard will then lead the Dept delegation on two cycles around the ballroom at which time each District will be directed to their final position prior to the Opening Ceremonies.

7. After the parade the music will stop. The Color Guard will advance up the center aisle and present the Colors for the Pledge of Allegiance and our National Anthem.

8. All Districts and Posts within that District will be formally introduced (i.e. brough forward with their flags), present colors and salute the head table and then move to stow their parade colors and take their seats when instructed. 9. Final plans will be passed at the Dist. Commanders/Presidents meeting after the Awards Ceremony.   If anyone has any questions – please ask them now before it is too late to correct a deficiency.   Thanks Very Much Everyone! Mark & Rita McCabe



Department Convention Patriotic Rally

Commander Paul & President Beth Welcome You To Our   PATRIOTIC RALLY AND PARTY!



If you’ve been to the National Convention, you know what we’re hoping for! If you haven’t, then you’re in for a treat!

• Bring whatever patriotic decorations, little flags, balloons, banners, hats, props, etc. you wish (no confetti or anything messy).  • We will be parading into the function room by District and Post!   • The Districts are assigned these colors to wear:

District 1 will wear RED    District 5 will wear WHITE

District 2 will wear WHITE   District 6 will wear BLUE

District 3 will wear BLUE   District 7 will wear RED

District 4 will wear RED

• The colors can be just your shirts/jackets/hats, etc.  Decorations can be red, white and blue combined.

Districts will look unified in the same color tops!    If your post would like to all wear one type of shirt of the appropriate color (such as an Old Navy red t-shirt with the flag on the front), feel free or create your own t-shirts.   ***BE CREATIVE IN SHOWING YOUR PATRIOTISM***

This is for us to have FUN after a year of working hard for our veterans and our communities!!

Once the Rally is complete, then we will PARTY!  Cash bar, snacks, cake, coffee and a DJ so we can dance into the evening and just have fun with friends!

There is NO COST to attend this rally and party so come join the fun!

State Convention – Special Request

If anyone, or any post or auxiliary or other group, requires any special arrangements to be made at State Convention, such as audio / visual equipment, meeting rooms (does not include hospitality rooms or guest rooms), etc. please go through the convention chairmen. VFW:  Paul Chevalier   Auxiliary: Cathie Chevalier. Last year there were some surprise charges at the end of convention and therefore the hotel has been instructed not to accommodate any special requests without prior approval. This will ensure that no individual has to pay for something they ordered to perform their duties at convention.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Paul Lloyd
NH VFW State Commander