Please, PLEASE ….make every effort to get your membership up NOW.

There are so many posts right there in reach of 100% – and yet we still only have two there! …Make your Post the next one!

Our Department Commander has set Membership incentive goals.

The first one was 80% by September 30th. Sixteen Posts qualified – Bristol and Raymond each won.

The second was 85% by October 31st. Twenty Posts qualified and that drawing was held at the District 2 meeting in N. Haverhill on November 13th – Jaffrey and Merrimack won.

Our next $100.00 drawings will be for those posts with at least 90% by November 30th.

Your Post Can Do It !!!

Get out there and knock on doors …or make those calls …or whatever it takes. In many cases – you’re going to get there anyway …. so why not pay their dues now – and collect from them later.

Commander-in-Chief, Richard DeNoyer, has set an 85% Membership goal by November 30, 2011 for each Department…. only a few short days away!!

New Hampshire is now at 80.21% …. we can easily get there with every ones help!

Lets make our Commander, Paul Lloyd, shine …..Lets show New Hampshire is as good as any….. Lets do it for the Veterans of Foreign Wars !!!

I personally challenge each and every post in the state to get at least 5 continuous, new or reinstate members to National THIS WEEK !

District Commanders, watch your Posts …. see if they need any help ….. make your District Number One!

Thank You …………..

Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism