Congratulations to Laconia Post 1670 for coming in at 100%  !!!
Is your Post at 100% yet?  How far do you have to go?  There are so many so close! Lets keep working the membership!
District 1 is still leading the way with 99.56% – only needing 4 more!  But, they’ve been sitting there for quite a while …. anyone can still take them over !!
District 2, a close second at 99.22 – also only needing 4 more !! .

District 4 is 97.51 – needing 29 more ……

District 7, 97.48 – 37 more …..

District 6, 96.64 – 59 more ……

District 5, 96.13 – 28 more …… and

District 3 88.88 – needing 108 more.

The Department …. YOUR Department ….. only needs 300 more to be a long over-due 100% !!!
We can do it — with everyone’s help !

Thank you …………

                   Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism

Gregory P. Lynch
NH VFW State Commander

Congratulations on 100% membership

Congratulations – to Bedford, Richard K. Harvell Post # 8401 ….
for being the Departments 2nd  100% Post – coming in at 103.87%

(Only the 2nd 100%er in nearly 2 months! …. So many of you are SOO00oo close ….Let’s push for it this month!)

Thank you for all you do …………

Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism


Come’on people lets go!!

The Membership year is not over till the end of the month – and we still have plenty of room for improvement!!

There has been a slight increase in Districts 4 & 5 ,,, and District 5 now only needs 13 more for 100% !!

On the other hand, no movement in District 7, who still only needs 9 for their 100% !!

Lets finish this year off with a big turn-around!!

Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism                                                Greg

Membership and Reports

Good Morning Comrades,

April 30th is the end of the year as far as reporting for Post Activities. The end of the year for membership is June 7th.  We have  a lot of work to finish before we celebrate at the Department Convention.  I encourage all in the leadership roles to complete the reports of activities that have been held this past year and to continue working on membership, to do anything less would be disrespectful to the Volunteers in this organization. The Department Officers stand ready to assist any way we can.

Yours in Comradeship,

Paul Lloyd NH VFW State Commander



The Department finally broke into the 92 % range after struggling with the 91’s for almost a full month …but we’re still in 41st place!  Lets not take so long to jump up another notch this time.
Please – get out there and work your unpaid list.   We still have only eleven 100% Posts with many more soooo close.
District 5 is still leading the pack …. and District 6 is still bringing up the rear.   Lets change that around !

We have two posts still in the 70% range – which is surprising because they’re both very good Posts!   Hudson and Derry !!
Hudson only has 76.49% and Derry only 79.72% ……… If you think I’m tying to embarrass you – your right!!   Like I’ve said before  – whatever it takes!

We all have to work together and bring these membership numbers up ….. and we all know that!
Membership is the back bone of any organization ….especially the VFW! 
“Strength in Numbers”  ….. How many times have we all heard that?     It’s very true. 

So, again, lets work those unpaid lists — reinstate old members — sign up new members …. Whatever it takes!


                                                                            Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism




For those of you that don’t know – the Department sent out about 1240 mailings  (which is a lot of folding, labeling, stamping, sealing etc. etc.) .
It was sent to all the unpaid list in the state.   So, please, if someone approaches you or your Post – willing to pay their dues – act on it quickly and get it in as soon as possible.

The Department of New Hampshire is in 41st place out of all the departments — with only 91.61%.
We only have 11 Posts in the state at 100% or better now and we congratulate them again and thank them for their hard work….
but what about the rest of us?
Do you realize Bartlet, Plymouth, Bristol and Lee have only needed one more for a 100% for a while!?
Do you know West Lebanon, Dover, Contoocook, Fitzwilliam and Hampstead only need two each for their 100%!?
There are many of you out there that are soooo close – a hand full away!

Make that call – knock on those doors – recruit new members – whatever it takes …. get the job done!

District Commanders’, are you helping out the posts in your district?  Where does your District stand?
District 5 has re-taken the lead over District 3.  Their battle is back and forth with only a slim margin between them.
Meanwhile, Districts 4 and 6 are still waiting to break into the 90% range.   And, although not quite in last place, District 4 is the only district without a 100% post.

I’ve said many times – we can do better, we should do better.   I’ve said do it for the VFW and for the Department of New Hampshire.   But we also must do it for our Commander.  Paul Lloyd has done an excellent job this year and has been a great commander.  His Testimonial is coming up in March and what better gift can we give than high membership numbers!

So, …… Go Get Em’ ……….

                                                                            Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism



Congratulations Merrimack Post # 8641

– for 100% in Membership !!!

Thank you for all you do …….. Keep up the good work!

Districts 3 and 5 are neck to neck for 1st Place – with only two hundredths of a percentage separating them  …..
Who will serge ahead!?
Meanwhile – Districts 6 and 4 are battling for last place …. nobody wants that title !
And, the Department of New Hampshire is holding 42nd Place in the Nation ….. Shame on us !!

We can do better ….. We must do better !! ………


                                                                            Yours in Comradeship, Service & Patriotism